Lucia A. Perez

Computational Astrophysicist & Cosmologist

Teaching & Leadership

Covering notable leadership positions and teaching experience

Lecturing Experience as a Postdoc:
  • 2023: Translating Dr. Acquaviva's (CUNY, CCA) course "Machine Learning for Physics and Astronomy" into Spanish (including lecture materials, Python notebooks, and video lectures)
  • Fall 2022: Covered lectures on Moon Phases & Eclipses, the History of Modern Astronomy, and Cultural Astronomy for Prof. Kelle Cruz at Hunter College. 
  • The Cultural Astronomy lecture I built from scratch is a great option for a drop in for your classroom! Ask me about it.
Teaching Assistant Experience through Arizona State University:
  • Lecture Classes: AST 111 with Dr. Alyssa Rhoden
  • Lab Classes: SES 124 with Dr. Jennifer Patience
  • Online Classes: SES 141 and AST 111 with Dr. Frank Timmes
Other Teaching Experience while at Arizona State University:
  • Graduate Partners in Science Education: curriculum development and running a middle school science club
  • SunDial: supervise and guide group of incoming ASU freshmen in a Python project on exoplanet light curves
Teaching Experience Before Graduate School:
  • Bespoke Education tutor in math and physics
  • Wellesley College First Year Mentoring & Resident Assistant leadership support positions

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